LIMAS Prewasher with integrated destoner can be delivered with either a stone outfeed elevator or stone storage.

Removal of stones, soil and other foreign material is a vital first step in any root crop process. Not only does it help to maintain the finished quality but it also preserves the downstream equipment where damage or degradation can prove very costly.  An additional benefit is the absence of soil or stones which can make the waste vegetable material from the process viable for animal feed.

Drum ø800 x 2000 length (mm), ø1000 x 2500 length (mm), Drum ø1200 x 3000 length (mm)


  • Low maintenance requirement, silent running and long working life
  • Continuous 24/7 operation without stops for cleaning
  • Very efficient stone separation by ‘cyclone’ destoner
  • Continual stone removal by elevator
  • Efficient washing action with low water usage
  • Continual soil removal (prevents settling in washer tank)


The stone separation is made in a conical hopper. A quantity of circulated water, pumped from below through the base of the hopper, carries the product into the washing drum.

Stones sink through the upward waterflow and are collected at the base by the stone outfeed elevator.

The product is separated in the washing drum from water and dirt which is pumped back to the base of the destoner.

In the hopper there is also a rotor which keeps the product and stones separated.


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