Step Peeler


The LIMAS Step Peeler has a unique principle and construction.  Designed to allow water-free peeling, the peeler is also compact but has a large capacity. It can be delivered with 1, 2, 3 or 4 steps to suit the capacity required.


  • Higher capacity
  • High yield
  • Lower effluent costs
  • Total control of peeling
  • Less maintenance


Product is pre-weighed by the batch hopper at the top of the machine. When the weight is correct and the first peeling step is empty, the weigh hopper door opens and the product is let in to start the peeling sequence.  The product is then peeled in the first step for the time set by the operator.

When the peeling time is complete the door of step one opens to move the product into the second peeling step and the same procedure is repeated. For a two-step peeler, the peeling time in each step is double that of a four-step peeler.

The peeling time and the speed of the peeling rollers is variable for each step, driven by frequency converters. This and all the other functions in the peeling sequence are controlled by a PLC.