Stand-alone knifepeeler


Gives a hand-finished appearance and long shelf-life with very little preservative. The Knife Peeler comprises two peeling vessels.

In principle, the Limas Knife Peeler can be used as a finishing operation after any kind of abrasive peeler but the potatoes should always be pre-peeled by abrasive until almost ready peeled and then elevated to the weighing hopper on top of the knife peeler.


  • A high quality, hand-finished appearance due to very smooth, shallow and even cuts made by the high cutting speed.
  • Good product movement by the stirrer ensuring that the whole surface is peeled.
  • Peeling without water is possible because of the rotation of the peeling disc.
  • Long life expectancy of the strong knife blades manufactured from high quality steel.
  • Fast, easy blade replacement due to the small number, only 24 in the whole peeler.
  • Limited risk of damage from stones or other foreign material because there are only four knives in each vessel that can be affected.
  • Low maintenance cost due to the durable design of the machine.


In the bottom of each is a rotating disc equipped with four knives. A counter-rotating stirrer makes sure that the potatoes have the optimum movement at a gentle speed. Without moving the product too fast, a high cutting speed of up to 10 metres per second is achieved by the relative speed of the counter-rotating disc and stirrer. This ensures that a very smooth cut is produced without any hacking or incomplete cuts.

The peeling time is adjustable at the control panel, as are the speeds of the knife disc and the stirrer.

The Knife Peeler can peel approximately 17kg at a time with a peeling time of between 50 – 60 seconds.

A collecting tank is provided below the machine for the waste.