Slot Peeler


The LIMAS Slot Peeler is a batch machine that is very simple to operate and also peels without using water.  Its rugged, straightforward design makes it very reliable. It is typically used in re-peeling applications or for difficult products such as swede and raw beetroot.

The LIMAS Slot Peeler is a simple, robust peeler at a very economical cost. It consists of a peeling barrel and a peeling plate. The peeling barrel comprises carborundum covered peeling bars and the slotted peeling plate is covered in abrasive. The Slot Peeler is suitable for most root vegetables. It can also be used as a pre-peeler before any other type of peeler if capacity needs to be increased.


  • High capacity: cost ratio
  • Simple to operate
  • Very economical on space
  • Lower effluent costs
  • Low maintenance


The peeling waste is pressed out during peeling between the bars and through the slots in the plate. This gives the slot peeler the advantage of working without water.