Roller Grader


The LIMAS Roller grader greatly improves on the accuracy of diameter grading currently available. Its unique profiled roller design prevents oval or flat potatoes being missized.


  • Very accurate size grading
  • Better grading of oval potatoes
  • Size grades can be adjusted during production
  • High capacity: space ratio


Potatoes are fed by a conveyor, elevator etc. onto a distributing/equalising table at the beginning of the grader. This guides the potatoes to the grading area between the rollers in an even flow. Each potato is carried along by the spiral until the hole below it is large enough for it to fall through.

Potatoes also turn vertically lengthways into the holes so that they are graded on their diameter. Dividers are placed below the rollers to collect the sizes between the points required. The position of these can be adjusted along the rollers to easily set/change the size ranges collected.