Hasselback Machine


The LIMAS Hasselback Machine is a continuous cutter with variable speed adjustable up to 2000 potatoes per hour. The cutting action is accurate and gentle to the product.

The operation requires one person to place a potato in each cup of the infeed belt. The construction allows the operator to stand or sit down while working.

Potato specification: Length maximum 100 mm, diameter maximum 60 mm. Other sizes available by request.

Standard cut spacing is 4,5 mm but other spacing is available by request.


  • Good reliability and low maintenance is provided by sturdy construction, with stainless steel bearings and chains
  • The design is hygienic with a removable housing over the cutting unit and folding protection covers over the chains giving easy access for cleaning

The machine can be delivered in either right or left hand execution with the motor, control and emergency stop mounted on the inlet side. Alternatively, the controls can be placed on a wall near the machine.