Halving Machine


LIMAS Halving Machine accurately cuts potatoes in half across their length. Typical applications are for producing small roast potatoes or for reducing the size of large potatoes in crisp (potato chip) production.

The LIMAS halving machine can be delivered with 4,6 or 8 lanes depending on the capacity required.


  • Automatic singulation
  • Accurate centering
  • Clean straight cut
  • Easy cleaning
  • Low maintenance


The feed elevator is equipped with cups which take the potatoes from a small container and feed them up to the roller belt. The cups are suited for the size of the potato to prevent double filling. An empty cup is better than two potatoes in the same cup for best quality cutting.

The roller belt consists of rollers with a special design. The potatoes will easily find their place between the rollers. Each potato will be placed with its geometrical axis parallel to the rollers and central between two of them. The rollers have been machined with a diablo shape, so the potatoes will find the lanes and be placed central to the circular knives. The halving machine is continuous running with no indexing.

The halving machine divides the potatoes across their longest axes.

The LIMAS halving machine consists mainly of three parts

  • Feed elevator for singulating and synchronizing the infeed
  • Roller belt for orientation and centralising
  • Circular knife drum for dividing the potatoes