Drum Peeler


LIMAS Drum Peeler is our original peeler and is the most efficient “conventional continuous” roller peeler available. Its rotating barrel peeling action gives an unrivalled product movement, producing a very good shape, fine surface finish and high yield. The peeler is manufactured in two sizes, each with 24 peeling rollers. The difference between them is in diameter and length.

The LIMAS Drum Peeler also achieves a higher capacity than other roller peelers due to the patented, varying-pitch auger.

For restricted space or special products such as parisiennes potatoes, baby carrots, swede, beetroot etc., this machine is still the best available.


  • High capacity: size ratio
  • Very high yield, even for difficult products
  • Superb surface finish
  • Simple to operate
  • Easy maintenance and roller changes


The LIMAS Drum Peeler consists of 24 peeling rollers which form a horizontal drum as implied by the name. The peeling rollers rotate on their own axis as well as the drum rotating.

Inside the drum is an auger that determines the amount of time that the product is held in the drum, i.e. the peeling time. The speed of the rollers, drum and auger are all independently variable either by mechanical variators or frequency converters.

The peeling rollers are covered with special LIMAS carborundum for optimal capacity and longetivity. Each roller is covered with coarse abrasive at the beginning changing to finer abrasive towards the end. The Drum Peeler is universal and suitable for most root vegetables.