Vertical Destoner


LIMAS Vertical Screw Destoners are manufactured in three diameter sizes, ø400 mm, ø 600 mm or ø 800 mm. The discharge height is made to suit the application.

Removal of stones, soil and other foreign material is a vital first step in any root crop process. Not only does it help to maintain the finished quality but it also preserves the downstream equipment where damage or degradation can prove very costly. An additional benefit is the absence of soil or stones which can make the waste vegetable material from the process viable for animal feed.

A simple and efficient method to remove stones and elevate product simultaneously where a low incidence of stones is expected or regular clean-out is possible. For greater stone/soil volume, or for 24 hour operation, the continuous Destoner/Prewasher should be considered.


  • LIMAS has overcome a typical weakness with this type of destoner; i.e. the lower screw lower bearing, by using a rubber bearing that is long lasting and that requires no lubrication at all.
  • Very efficient stone separation
  • Gentle product handling
  • Low water usage
  • Product elevation to over 3 metres


  • Clean out doors at two levels
  • Close fitting, round edged auger
  • Simple belt drive transmission
  • Long life composite lower bearing


  • Level sensor
  • Outfeed conveyor for floating materials