Combi Wash


The LIMAS Combi Wash is a unique, innovative end-of-line treatment system for whole-peeled, halved or quartered potatoes which dramatically reduces sulphite use and extends shelf-life.

By thoroughly washing the peeled or cut surfaces, the components that cause the discolouration reaction are largely removed, drastically reducing the sulphite required and extending shelf-life.

LIMAS Combi Wash users regularly report residual sulphite levels below 10ppm. It achieves this in a controlled, reliable process that minimises the water requirement. It is rapidly replacing traditional, static-solution dipping methods because it is cleaner, less harmful, more controllable and reliable.


  • Longer, reliable shelf life
  • Lower sulphite usage – and cost!
  • Little or no residual sulphite
  • Cleaner end product
  • Maintains a high biological integrity
  • Low maintenance