Product handling

Produkt Pump EKH

The Limas stainless steel food pump handles even the most delicate of products very gently due to its single channel impeller wheel.

Theoretically it is possible for a sphere of diameter 120 mm to pass through the pump.

The V-belt drive makes it easy to adjust the speed of the pump to match the counter pressure and the amount of product to be handled.

The pump is made entirely of stainless steel with the exception of the bearings, v-belt drive andmotor. All product contact parts are stainless steel.

The pump shaft is supported in heavy-duty bearings with the bearing support being independent of the pump housing. The oil-filled bearing housing is equipped with a sight-glass for easy inspection of the oil-Ievel.

The shaft is sealed at the pump housing by a mechanical shaft seal and the pump motor has a cover for protection from water and detergents. The whole unit has adjustable feet for quick and easy installation. We recommend that the pump is used in conjunction with a pump tank supplied by LIMAS .