Soil remover

EPSON DSC picture

LIMAS recommends that every potato or root vegetable processing line should begin with dry soil removing.

Any soil, sand, straw, tops and also small stones that can be removed before the potato or the root vegetables reach the prewasher imply a water saving.

The LIMAS drum type, dry soil remover is manufactured in three sizes depending on the capacity required:

  • ø800 x 2000 mm
  • ø1000 x 2500 mm
  • ø1200 x 3000 mm

Prewasher with destoner

The LIMAS prewasher can be delivered with an integrated destoner and elevator for continuous stone removal. The LIMAS prewasher with destoner is distinguished by its low maintenance requirement, silent running and long working life.

The prewasher is manufactured in three sizes:

  • drum ø800 x 2000 length (mm)
  • drum ø1000 x 2500 length (mm)
  • drum ø1200 x 3000 length (mm)


EPSON DSC picture

LIMAS vertical screw destoners are manufactured in two diameter sizes, ø 600 or ø 800 mm. The discharge height is made to suit the application.

LIMAS has overcome a typical weakness with this type of destoner; i.e. the lower screw lower bearing, by using a rubber bearing that is long lasting and that requires no lubrication at all.