Cook and chill

Cook and chill system

Limas cooking and cooling equipment is intended for vacuum-packed products such as potatoes and other root vegetables or fruits.

Why cook and cool vacuum-packed products?

Cooking and cooling achieves a longer shelf-life. When the pack is first sealed the content is most likely not sterile. Through the heat treatment, the contents of the pack achieve a very high bacteriological integrity, i.e. as close to sterile as possible. When the sealed pack is cooled the contents keep this bacteriological standard.

The products enzymes are inactivated as a result of the heat treatment and remain so after cooling. Accordingly the finished product has a very good keeping quality and, as it is already cooked, only needs to be re-heated for cooking.

Limas cooking and cooling equipment is characterized by a large volume of water in proportion to product quantity. This large water volume causes the temperature in the boiling vessel to fall only slightly while the temperature in the cooling vessel also raises only slightly. All in all this procedure gives a short heating up time and short cooling down time which is good for the product quality.

The equipment consists of one vessel for cooking and one for cooling.

Water is circulated through the cooking vessel by a pump via heat exchangers with immersion heaters or with direct injection of steam. Furthermore there is a device for changing the water flow direction through the cooking vessel to achieve the most uniform boiling possible.

The cooling wessel is provided with a lid which can be opened and shut by an air cylinder.

The boiling temperature and time are automaticly controlled by a PLC and there is also an operating panel (OP) on which the parameters of time and temperature can be adjusted.

Chilled water is circulated through the cooling vessel via a heat exchanger, cooled by glycol mixture.

Baskets with rims are loaded with the vacuum-packed product. The entire basket is lifted by an electric hoist and immersed first into the boiling vessel and then into the cooling vessel.

Limas cooking and cooling equipent is manufactured in two sizes, for throughputs of 200 kg/h and 700kg/h.


The LIMAS blancher is a screw blancher with an omega shaped housing.  The close-fitting screw feeds the product through the housing to achieve the desired blanching time. After blanching the product is discharged by an outfeed elevator.

A pump is circulates the hot water through the blancher. Steam is provided into the circulation pipe to but can also be provided directly into the blancher housing to maintain the temperature.

Due to variable heat loading, depending on the quantity of product, sometimes undesired noise can arise. The Limas steam supply system reduces this noise level.

The Limas blancher is manufactured in several different sizes and can also be used as a cooker.


In potato and other root vegetable peeling processes it is extremely important to maintain good hygiene in the process equipment and also to cool down the products properly before packing. This temperature reduction plays a crucial part in maintaining the product quality and shelf-life.

In a peeling line there is usually provision to hold or buffer products before packing.

Limas also uses this storage to reduce the temperature of the product. A Limas cooling system consists of one or more buffer, or surge tanks to hold the product, a balancing tank to maintain the chilled water in the system as it is displaced from the buffer tank and a circulation system comprising a pump, heat exchanger, level regulation, piping, filters and valves.

The heat exchanger is cooled by a food grade glycol solution.